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The Problem ONBORD Solves

ONBORD is an extremely flexible piece of technology. It is white labeled and can be altered to reflect your current process for onboarding clients. So for each of our clients it can look quite different but at its heart it is always doing the core task of providing clear and consistent risk pictures.

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Management get real time views on new prospects and customers to ensure that sales are focused on the correct target customers and are on track to hit targets on a daily basis. ONBORD provides management a better picture of their onboarding process and its strengths and weaknesses. The platform provides real-time intelligence on the pipeline of customers and allows better metrics to be put in place to manage sales resources. Most businesses struggle to provide management intelligent business insight from their internal databases. It usually isn't real time and it often takes significant human effort to process.

1. Direct Access to Real Time Information

The platform already collects the data and makes sure it is correct - there is no need to transfer, upload or clean the data

2. Flexible Technology to Process & Present Information

The platform is designed to be extremely flexible in how it presents data and can use plug ins and apis to enhance intelligence

3. Intelligent Front End Design

ONBORD combines technology with business experience to build intelligent pictures rather than leave you to do the work. The platform comes configured for the needs of your industry.


Relationship Management

Relationship managers can manage their leads, prospects and clients from any device, anywhere. The user interface is simple to use and easy to search. It gives a snapshot of a business with all of the relevant contacts.

From Lead to Happy New Customer

ONBORD manages the process from lead identification through to client management

  • Input Leads

    Each sales person has their own dashboard to input and manage any leads they find.

  • Upgrade to a Prospect

    Once a salesperson believes the lead has a real chance of being converted it is processed to allow credit and management to assess it.

  • Onboard Customer

    A prospect who fills out an application is processed in real time - checking ownership and ensuring the correct authorising person is signing off. If the credit is weak it may also recommend a personal guarantee from an owner of the business.



Risk get live access to prospects with a clear risk picture and a recommendation based on publicly available information. When the client fills out an application and provides further information this is presented to risk for approval.


Big Data integrations do a lot of the research work for risk automatically. This allows risk to focus on the applications that require Enhanced Due Diligence or further context to come to the right risk decision.



1. Core KYC

ONBORD will flag if an authorising person is on any of the following:

  • Government Sanctions

  • Anti-Terrorism Watchlists

  • Anti-Money Laundering Watchlists

  • CIA and INTERPOL wanted/watchlists

  • Disqualified Directors

2. PEP Screening

ONBORD will flag if a director of the business is an identifiable PEP and will flag the nationalities of all directors to highlight any potential links to higher risk countries. It automatically checks against known government officials from around the world using the CIA database and does a search to identify any other potential PEPs.

3. EU Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5)

The AML directive allows companies to employ electronic identity verification or e-KYC to verify customers remotely. This can be done through selfie-based ID verification or video-based ID verification. ONBORD is here to assist financial institutions to this level of Customer Due Diligence. By doing this digitally, you minimise the risk of human error and ensure consistency in customer onboarding.

Tracing who actually owns a company is essential in the current regulatory climate. AMLD 5 elaborates on the need to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of a business. The potential penalties for not looking at layers above a particular company and potentially to the side of it are enormous. ONBORD automatically checks directors of all companies in a stack for potential flags and not just the particular legal entity that you are dealing with. To the extent possible, ONBORD identifies the UBO.

5. Forks for Enhance Due Diligence

The easy route to take is to say no to lots of businesses but that is not commercially viable for most financial providers in the small business space. ONBORD forks to an Enhanced Due Diligence path when potential flags arise.



ONBORD saves time and it saves resources leaving operations to focus on higher level tasks. Many businesses fail to factor in the very real cost of data errors and the need to re-input data into different systems and chase incomplete and incorrect applications. Operations overhead is reduced significantly by getting the necessary information complete and correct first time. Operations can easily manage delivery information via their customer view.

Direct Input

Most larger businesses have various systems that don't easily communicate to each other. By inputting data directly into the platform, ONBORD reduces the need for operations to perform the lower level tasks of reinputting and checking data.


By populating forms as much as possible, the platform minimises the risk of human errors and creates a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Real-time Validation

As data is input into the system, it is checked against external sources. For example, it is very easy for addresses to be incorrect or incomplete, all addresses are checked against the official postal service database which is constantly updated. By checking data in real time, the system can provide feedback to the user and prevent manual errors.


Global Capability

The ONBORD platform was built to be capable of processing individuals and businesses anywhere in the world (although, for certain jurisdictions, the availability of information on businesses will be limited). Our focus is on English speaking clients, as the communication engine of the system currently only works in English, however, you should contact us if you need other languages.