ONBORD New Customers

All-in-one Client Onboarding


What Makes ONBORD Unique

ONBORD is not just one thing, it is a whole host of functions and integrations, all tied together in one seamless package. ONBORD is neither a data provider nor a software provider: the platform is both of these things and more. It provides a state-of-the-art onboarding service, leveraging the latest technology. ONBORD was founded on the belief that providing a plug-and-play solution isn't just an option, it is a necessity for most businesses, who can't afford to get embroiled in expensive and time-consuming implementations.

User-friendly Interface

The platform makes it easy to capture and display prospect and customer data.

MLD5 Compliant KYC

ONBORD identifies the correct authorising person and then processes their identity documents.

Roles Based Permissioning

ONBORD controls who has access to information and logs that access which is core to the GDPR regime.

Big Data Integration

ONBORD has the correct data already built in and it is constantly improving and adding to its data integrations.




Ultimately the goal of any onboarding process should be to turn prospects into customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. ONBORD allows relationship managers to set up their own leads on their own dashboard. These can then be upgraded to a prospect. Once an application is made, it seamlessly flows into the compliance and risk decisioning process.

From Lead to Happy New Customer

ONBORD manages the process from lead identification through to customer management

  • Input Leads

    Each relationship manager has their own dashboard to input and manage any leads they find.

  • Upgrade to a Prospect

    Once a relationship manager believes the lead has a real chance of being converted, it is processed to allow risk and compliance to assess it.

  • Onboard Customer

    A prospect who fills out an application is processed in real time - ensuring the correct authorising person is signing off. If the new customer has flags or warnings the system may recommend Enhanced Due Diligence or other remedial actions such as Personal Credit Checks or Guarantees.


Data Capture

The foundation of the ONBORD platform is its forms. They are extremely user-friendly and work on any device. Forms are branded with your logo and colours. As data is input, it is validated and checked, to minimise the risk of human error. Auto population is used where possible, using ONBORD’s data integrations, to speed-up onboarding and improve data quality.




Relationship Managers, Operations, Management, Compliance and Risk are all considered different user categories on the platform. Each of them can see a prospect on the system but in a dashboard configured to their role. These dashboards make it clear when a particular user needs to perform an onboarding task. Users receive an email reminder if a task they need to perform is overdue.



ONBORD believes in bank level KYC and verification. The system identifies who the correct authorising person should be for a particular business and verifies their image against their ID. This is to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and KYC regulation but also to mitigate the risk of a fraudulent application or a technical legal defence in case of payment disputes.

Document Verification

ONBORD identifies the correct authorising person or persons and then scans that authorising person's government issued ID to detect whether it is genuine and that it matches their details.

Biometric Check

The authorising person takes a selfie or short video and this is automatically compared to the scanned ID to prevent fraud or identity theft.

Real Time Automated Processing

A number of checks are then run in the screening process once the person has been verified to minimise false positives.


Risk Decisioning

The ONBORD platform uses machine learning to improve its risk recommendations through time. The ONBORD algorithms factor in hard data, such as geography, sector, financials and credit scores, alongside soft data, such as business reviews and pedigree.


The ONBORD platform generates all the necessary communications around the onboarding process for new customers. These mails are branded as your company and update the customer on their progress through the onboarding process. ONBORD also has an in-built live chat system should a salesperson encounter any issues.


ONBORD will flag if a company or related person is on any of the following:

  • Government Sanctions

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) List

  • Anti-Terrorism Watchlists

  • Anti-Money Laundering Watchlists

  • CIA and INTERPOL wanted/watchlists

  • Disqualified Directors


The platform attempts to triangulate on businesses and people checking that various things like IP data and location makes sense. It also checks against databases to check for known fraudulent companies or people.


E-Signing goes hand in hand with verification. It isn't just about moving away from the hassle and uncertainty of wet ink signatures but about knowing who provided that signature and when and where it was provided. The E-Signature can be either typed or provided as a traditional signature mark on screen.


ONBORD ensures the correct disclaimers and authorisations are put in place. It also has a personal guarantee module which uses current best practise to achieve the best credit outcomes possible.



Processes which involve lots of back and forth with paper applications, which are then arbitrarily scanned and emailed around, are unlikely to be compliant with GDPR requirements. It can be a costly exercise for most corporations to rethink and re-engineer their customer onboarding process. Onbord takes all of that effort away with one simple platform solution. All documentation is stored securely in the cloud and only relevant users have access to this information. Any access to it is logged and controlled.


Data Protection

Encrypted database which has been anonymised and data separated from documents

Data Controller

ONBORD is registered with the ICO and has a highly experienced data controller


There has been a legal review of the ONBORD process & wording


ONBORD changes your GDPR compliance overnight

Data Security

To ensure GDPR compliance all of the data is stored electronically with controls around who can see it and logs of how it is accessed

Database Security

Servers are kept at a secure location

Email Security

Minimal data is sent via email with the core data held internally within the platform

Data Portability

Data can be easily identified, ported and deleted where necessary

Legal Compliance

The platform has constant legal updates to stay current with legislation & best practice


Constant monitoring of IP Addresses

Password Protection

The platform can only be accessed with a password

Breach Notification

Protocols are in place should a data breach ever occur


ONBORD has strict internal data policies & the data security is core to the business


All data and meta data is saved automatically


Users are automatically logged out after ten minutes of inactivity


No data is stored or transferred outside of the UK/EU

Business Intelligence


ONBORD allows management to have a better picture of their onboarding process and its strengths and weaknesses. The platform provides real-time intelligence on the pipeline of customers and allows better metrics to be put in place to manage sales resources. Most businesses struggle to provide management intelligent business insight from their internal databases. It usually isn't real time and it often takes significant human effort to process.

Direct Access to Real Time Information

The platform already collects the data and makes sure it is correct - there is no need to transfer, upload or clean the data

Flexible Technology to Process & Present Information

The platform is designed to be extremely flexible in how it presents data and can use plug ins and apis to enhance intelligence

Intelligent Front End Design

ONBORD combines technology with business experience to build intelligent pictures rather than leave you to do the work. The platform comes configured for the needs of your industry.