Screen Early

Quick, user-friendly diligence



Your organisation may have an extensive onboarding system or it may have none but our quick diligence tool can reduce risk and save you time by highlighting issues early. ONBORD puts first line of defence tools into the hands of those who need it. It gives them AI assistance to make the right risk assessments quickly. This saves them time and reduces costs and risk for the organisation. Anyone can access and understand the reports - an effective user-friendly interface is essential to this kind of preKYC system.

User-friendly Interface

The platform has a number of ways of making these requests


Our core onboarding system interacts with the end counterparty, however, these checks can be done in the background without interrogating a counterparty

Clear Reports

Reports are structured to be simple to understand for a non-technical user in order to highlight important issues and automatically risk categorise

Big Data

Checks done are extensive and integrate numerous sources to provide bank-grade screening

Screening Options

The preKYC module can help you identify early if there are any issues with a new counterparty be it a client, a supplier or an employee.

Two products

There are two variations of this product: 1. a standard check assuming there will be a full onboarding process later on 2. a due diligence check which involves a deeper dive on various aspects of a business or individual

  • preKYC

    Each enabled user can send a request using various methods (email, text, chat, form)

  • Due Diligence

    For institutions taking more risk such as Venture Capital firms or lenders this may be the more appropriate check to run and involves more extensive checks.



ONBORD will flag if a company or related person is on any of the following even without an ID document:

  • Government Sanctions

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) List

  • Anti-Terrorism Watchlists

  • Anti-Money Laundering Watchlists

  • CIA and INTERPOL wanted/watchlists

  • Disqualified Directors


The platform triangulates on businesses and people checking that various things make sense. It also checks against databases to check for known fraudulent companies or people. It will work with whatever input it is given - the more input it receives, the more checks it can do but even with a basic request it can do extensive diligence.


Global Capability

The ONBORD platform was built to be capable of processing individuals and businesses anywhere in the world (although, for certain jurisdictions, the availability of information on businesses will be limited). Our focus is on English speaking clients, as the communication engine of the system currently only works in English, however, you should contact us if you need other languages.