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Why you need ONBORD

Our mission is be the first line of defence for the business ecosystem. In order to do that, we have to make the onboarding process quicker and better than it ever has been. We use big data and machine learning to provide any business, big or small, the best picture of a new counterparty possible. The quicker you really know a new counterparty, the better: ONBORD does due diligence in minutes rather than days. We are efficient. We are consistent. We are holistic. We are compliant. We are ONBORD.

User-friendly Interface

The platform makes it easy to capture and display data on a new individual or business with little or no user training. It is white-labeled and tailored to your workflow.

MLD5/6 Compliant KYC

ONBORD has ID verification, media feeds, source of funds, sanctions/PEP screening, CDD and EDD modules - everything needed to ensure regulatory compliance.

Roles Based Permissioning

The platform controls who has access to information and logs that access which is core to a proper GDPR regime.

Big Data Integration

ONBORD has the correct data already built in and it is constantly improving and adding to its data integrations.

Pay per Check

No upfront cost. No costly inhouse development. Pay per use and cancel any time.

Tech-Enabled Client Journeys

ONBORD believes in bank-level risk analysis and KYC for all. The system identifies who the correct authorising person should be for a particular business and verifies their image against their ID. This is to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and KYC regulation but also to mitigate the risk of a fraudulent application or a technical legal defence in case of payment disputes.

The ONBORD Journey

ONBORD identifies the correct authorising person or persons and then scans that authorising person's government issued ID to detect whether it is genuine and that it matches their details.

Biometric Check

The authorising person takes a selfie or short video and this is automatically compared to the scanned ID to prevent fraud or identity theft.

Real Time Automated Processing

A number of checks are then run against the individual including electoral role and sanctions database - each the result of each check is flagged to your internal risk department.

ONBORD will flag if an authorising person is on any of the following:
  • International Sanctions

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

  • Anti-Terrorism Watchlists

  • Anti-Money Laundering Watchlists

  • CIA and INTERPOL wanted/watchlists

  • Disqualified Directors




Processes which involve lots of back and forth, which are then arbitrarily scanned and emailed around, are unlikely to be compliant with GDPR requirements. It can be a costly exercise for most corporations to rethink and re-engineer their customer onboarding process. ONBORD takes all of that effort away with one simple platform solution. All documentation is stored securely in the cloud and only relevant users have access to this information. Any access to it is logged and controlled.


ONBORD provides real-time intelligence on new and existing clients. Most businesses struggle to provide management intelligent business insight from their internal databases. It usually isn't real time and it often takes significant human effort to process. It allows relationship managers to do business with a client immediately as the time needed for compliance and risk checks is vastly reduced. We provide consistent and understandable risk pictures that all can understand. Different roles can see different pictures but all based on one source of truth. Other firms provide search data riddled with false positives and systems that require extensive manuals to understand and a long time to set up and calibrate. The ONBORD system consistently delivers true business intelligence and the user interface has to be seen to be believed.

ONBORD Technology

Cloud Access

The ONBORD technology platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere. It can even be used to complete customer applications from a mobile phone.


ONBORD forms are responsive and validated which allows data to be checked as it is entered to ensure it is correct and to minimise back and forth with the customer.


Data is sourced and sent in real time. ONBORD has been developed to allow a new client to integrate without changing any of their current processes no matter what internal systems they use.

Big Data

The ONBORD platform integrates with a multitude of data sources to give a better picture on any prospect or customer. It is these integrations that give ONBORD it's real power.

Encrypted Cloud Storage

To ensure GDPR compliance all of the data is stored electronically with controls around who can see it and logs of how it is accessed.


All legal documents are executed electronically with the relevant signature captured on a screen.

Questions you may have about ONBORD

Below, you will find a list of common questions we got asked when people first hear about ONBORD.

On average it takes a day but for larger organisations it may take up to a week. We have a quick one to two hour meeting to understand your current user roles, policies and processes.

There are no upfront costs and no hidden costs. The price quoted is the price you pay. We put our prices on our website because we believe in transparency. Most companies in the space are not so transparent and will attempt to lock you in to long-term contracts.

No. All the data you need is already fed into the system. You don't need to pay for other data or checks.

Yes. We have two methods of outputing all of the information in the system. The first is an API for more sophisticated clients with inhouse developers. The second is via Zapier.

No and we don't need to be. We are not a regulated credit reference agency. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Change Everything

ONBORD will totally transform how you onboard clients, employees and suppliers. It's not a tweak - it's a revolution! It upgrades outmoded onboarding processes overnight.

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